We founded AVRO Academy in 2010 to provide individualized high school education to youth looking to be engaged in their learning. Youth who want to find their way, and engage using their own strengths.  We recognize that each student learns through a unique combination of support, structure and guidance.



AVRO recognizes that each student learns through a unique combination of support, structure and guidance and delivers this individualized learning in an environment in which students can feel safe and comfortable: 

  • AVRO helps students learn how to learn by capitalizing on their personal strengths.

  • AVRO empowers students by requiring them to participate in, and therefore commit to, their course selection, course design and study schedules.

  • AVRO promotes a community atmosphere and students are encouraged to develop partnerships with peers and teachers.

  • AVRO offers students individualized courses, comprised of personalized assignment plans and curricula to meet each student’s unique schedule, interests and learning style. If a student has not completed this credit within the scheduled class time, the course can be extended.

  • AVRO encourages students to develop environmental awareness as a means to personal wellness as well as a sense of responsibility and involvement in the community at large.

  • AVRO offers students a daily 15 minute guided meditation with a teacher trained in mindfulness in view of the many mental health benefits thereof, including a positive impact on learning, memory, self-awareness, and compassion.

  • AVRO provides a therapeutic milieu in which on-site professional individual, family and group counseling is available.



AVRO teachers and counsellors have specialized training and years of experience working with students with a wide variety of challenges on their educational path. Through AVRO’s support and guidance, students develop the confidence to explore their full potential.



David Aubrey Berger, B.A., M.E.S.

Principal and Director of Education

For the last 20 years, David has been passionate about educating teachers and consulting to private schools on alternative methods of education. David taught in the Critical Skills department at York University and has worked with numerous private schools, corporate groups, and individuals in the delivery of workshops on alternative education, teacher training, and personal development courses. His book Eco Leadership: The Power of the Circle was published in 2006.

Jason Shaul Ellenbogen, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.  

Vice-Principal and Clinical Director

Jason is a registered social worker and psychotherapist with extensive clinical experience working with teenagers and their families. Jason was a member of the pioneering therapeutic team at The Pine River Institute, one of Canada’s premier adolescent therapeutic boarding schools, and he specializes in adolescent development and related behavioural issues such as school anxiety, social anxiety, and addiction. 


Chirasree Sen-Varma, Ph.D., PG-Cert APSET, Member CAP

Academic Coordinator & Science Head

With nearly two decades of experience teaching at the GCE Advanced Level Program (University of Cambridge, U.K.,) under the Ministry of Education, Seychelles, including years of experience working as a physicist, Chirasree brings a fresh approach to learning the fundamentals of science and helps students develop a keen appreciation of the subject matter. She is also the Examination Officer for the Edexcel examinations (UK) for our centre.


Andrew Chin, B.Comm.

Head of Mathematics

Having provided individualized in-home tutoring for the majority of the past decade, Andrew brings an advanced level of understanding and instruction of university preparation level mathematics.  He has been a registered member of Scouts Canada since 2001, and is currently working towards his associate diploma in piano performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Efrat Shapir, MA (Philosophy), MA (History)

Head of Humanities

Efrat has been teaching for the last two decades. Reading and discussing ideas are her main passions. She loves to learn and teach in different ways. From years of yoga and mindfulness experiences, Efrat recognizes that there are many forms of expression. Students are invited to share their preferences to help develop an especially engaging and positive learning environment.


  • Small class sizes allow for reduced stress and distraction, as well as increased peer support.

  • Student-Teacher ratios of 5:1, 2:1 and 1:1

  • Environment is cooperative, supportive and nonjudgmental, free from bullying and discrimination.

  • Independent learning, peer mentorship, and on-site academic tutoring both in-person and online.



AVRO believes that encouraging students to reduce their environmental footprint empowers students, improve self-confidence and academic capabilities.  As a means of incorporating this philosophy into the school structure, students are encouraged to participate in the Eco-Health Carbon Challenge whereby students are paid to travel to school in an ecologically minded fashion such as walking, roller-blading, skateboarding, or bicycling. Students are also encouraged to participate in AVRO’s plastic water bottle deterrence program and litter-less lunch program.