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Peace over Progress

The job of the teacher is to teach; the job of the student is to learn. In order for a student to learn anything, they must feel relaxed. If they are not, then they will be in a fear, flight, or freeze mode. Information, or new ways of doing things, will not settle into their minds, bodies or emotions.

Therefore, it is the primary job of the teacher to ensure that the learning environment feels good. If a student is physically or emotionally unsettled, learning just cannot happen. A student must be allowed to take a break and settle, to express their mental or emotional strain, so that they can re-engage in learning..

We can lead a horse to water… we can offer the student learning… but only when students are settled, will they be able to walk this line. Sometimes that can take longer than teachers wish for or longer than parents expect. Sometimes that may happen independent of the class schedule or a teaching agenda. It requires patience and mindfulness. Personally, I think that if peace and patience are upheld above progress, if process was more important than product, the classroom would be a better place.


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