AVRO offers full-time, part-time and evening studies to high school students as well as summer school, repeat courses, tutoring, travel-for-credit programs and counselling. AVRO Academy is inspected by the Ministry of Education and all programs adhere to the Ontario curriculum and all provincial criteria.  


AVRO’s Academic calendar year is divided into four semesters of 10.5 weeks each.  The AVRO semester is designed to support workload management and to ensure that learned material is fresh in the minds of students throughout the semester.  


AVRO Academic programs enable students to navigate the rigorous academic challenges of Grades 10, 11, and 12, armed with an excellent education, the practical skills necessary for success after high school, and the ability to think independently, analytically, and critically.


Full-time students take a total of eight credits during the academic year, focusing on two or three credits per two-month semester.  Successful completion of a credit requires 110 hours of planned learning, which is comprised of five two-hours each week. Students who demonstrate excellent progress and time-management may be eligible to take additional courses during the year.


  • School begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.

  • Lunch is from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • AVRO students are expected to use the time outside of scheduled teaching for independent study, developing new interests, and positive self-development.

  • Each student is encouraged to attend the Wednesday Circle at 1:00 p.m. during which students and staff discuss relevant issues regarding the school and matters of interest.

  • Various activities are held throughout the year such as outdoor trips, lunch outings, education and recreational outings, multicultural events and birthdays.


AVRO’s part-time program allows students to take reduced course loads or to take AVRO credits while remaining full-time students at their home schools.  The part-time and evening program runs on various schedules.  Please contact our office for further information and to arrange a program that works for you.


Our Individualized Course option offers the regular course elements with the added benefit of personalized assignment plans and curriculum to meet the student’s schedule, interests and learning style. If the student has not completed their work at the end of the scheduled class time, the Individualized Course allows the option to extend the course.


During Covid-19 restrictions AVRO is conducting live online classrooms with teachers facilitating real-time video lessons, collaboration and document sharing. Keeping with our small class sizes, we're able to focus and provide any individualized instruction where needed.


​Parents and students must consult with their day school guidance office regarding course selections and prerequisite courses.

JULY  July 02 - July 28 Registration CLOSED
AUG  Aug 04 - Aug 28 Register by July 20

Schedule: 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  ||  Monday to Friday

Fees: $1295  (Registration Fee Waived)


LIVE Online Classroom | Full-Credit Summer Program


AVRO offers a full-credit Summer Course Program in July and August. This program replaces the in-class summer school program which has operated in previous years, in accordance with the ongoing guidance of the Ministry of Education. This program allows students to enrol in one full-credit course, per session, and includes courses in all subject areas from Grades 9 to 12, with a focus on compulsory courses. *Contact registrar@avroacademy.com for course availability. 

Online Credit Recovery and Upgrade


AVRO offers Credit Recovery and upgrades as part of our Summer Course Program in July and August. This program allows students to recover the credit in a course in which they previously unsuccessful. The Credit Recovery and Upgrade courses will focus on the overall expectations the student must attain before earning the credit. Students are able to recover one course per session. *Contact registrar@avroacademy.com for course availability.


AVRO offers students the opportunity to repeat any high school credit with private or semi-private instruction. *Students are eligible to enrol in a repeat course only if they have previously completed the course.


AVRO’s full-time academic program functions within a therapeutic environment.  The majority of the students have experienced difficulties thriving in previous academic environments and attend AVRO for the therapeutic support and environment that allows them to regain their footing in education.

AVRO provides students with confidential, non-stigmatizing support both on a regular and as-needed basis.  An experienced team of teachers and counsellors ensure a learning environment with positive social interactions concurrent with academic support. Students and instructors co-create individualized programs of study, and parents are invited to participate in the process.

Some AVRO students have diagnoses of high-functioning autism, a range of learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, ADHD as well as social anxieties that have been the root of academic struggle and inability to thrive.  AVRO’s aim is to support the psychosocial needs of the students in addition to their educational needs. In the therapeutic program we use tools such as music and expressive arts therapy to enhance creativity and develop a sense of enjoyment in learning.

Our goal is to provide a haven where students feel comfortable enough to be themselves and where their educational and emotional needs are met.  Upon registration, a clinician will interview the student and family and require prior assessments to determine an appropriate program of study and treatment.


AVRO offers a unique Travel for Credit program which provides students with an important opportunity to socialize, engage in physical activity, and learn.  AVRO offers two Travel for Credit programs each year (March and August) during which students can earn one of several appropriately selected elective credits.  

AVRO’s travel credits are designed specifically for AVRO students and are as follows:

  • International Travel for two weeks in March.  Past trips have included Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia and Ecuador.

  • Canoe trips in southern Ontario for two weeks in August.  This is an experiential outdoor trip and part of AVRO’s environmental education program. Past trips have been to Georgian Bay and the French River Provincial Park.


AVRO offers personalized 1:1 student-teacher ration tutoring lessons.   Lessons are designed for each individual student and paced according to the student’s progress. Tutoring is available for English, the language arts, French, Math, and the Sciences. If your student is struggling with math, or perhaps they just want to improve their grade, our personalized math tutors are the answer. There’s no such thing as "I’m bad at math" - studies show that while individual talent may play a role in the early grades, it is practice and a positive attitude that makes a good math student. Everyone can do math!




AVRO Academy is a registered examination centre for Pearson Edexcel examinations in Toronto. Private students can register for International IGCSE and GCE (IAL) examinations through AVRO. These examinations are held twice each year. The first examination is conducted January and the second is conducted in May.

For further details, please contact the Edexcel Examination Officer, Chirasree; chirasree@avroacademy.com